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85.You Have It

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”       

… John Wooden

A story by Jack:

One man decided to reach for his dream.

But he didn’t have enough strength to do it. So he turned to his mother:

– Mother, help me!

– Darling, I would be glad to help you, but I don’t have it. And everything I have, I already gave to you…

He asked a wise man:

– Master, tell me, where can I get strength?

– It is said that, it is on the Everest. But I couldn’t find anything there, except the snowy winds. And when I came back, the time was irretrievably lost…

He asked the hermit:

– Holy Father, where to find the strength for realization of my dream?

– In your prayers, my son. And if your dream is false, you will understand it and find peace in your prayers…

The person asked everyone, but the only result of his searches was confusion.

– Why are you so confused? – asked an old man passing by.

– I have a dream, good man. But I don’t know where to find strength for its realization. I asked everyone, but there was no one who could help me.

– No one? – a light flashed in the old man’s eyes,

– And did you ask yourself?


Be a knight of your goals and a warrior of your dreams !!!


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