“Success is not about your resources. It’s about how resourceful you are with what you have!.”

… Tony Robbins

Use All Your Resource – a story by Steve

While walking along a forest path, Diana and her father came across a large tree branch on the ground.
Diana : Dad, if I try, do you think I could move that branch?
Dad    : I am sure you can if you use all your strength.
Diana tried her best to lift the branch, but she couldn’t move it.
You were wrong, dad. I can’t move it. The disappointment was evident in the little girl’s voice.
Try again with all your strength, encouraged her father.
Diana tried again but failed.
Dad, I cannot do it!
Young lady, I advised you to use all your strength. You didn’t ask for my help.

To ask for help and support when we need it is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of wisdom.


How well you utilize your resources decides your results…..


YouTube video link of this topic : Utilize Your Resources Well | Keep On Marching | You Can, I Can, We Can – YouTube

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