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30. Think Big

“Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.”

 … Benjamin Disraeli

A story :

Once there lived a brave king. He fought many battles and won many of them.

Unfortunately, in one of the most important battles for his country, he was badly wounded. The king lived to relish the victory of the battle but lost an eye and a leg.

One day the king saw the paintings of some brave kings from the past. “ I should have one for myself too, then I will be remembered for my bravery for years to come” thought the king.

He called for all the great painters in the country and asked them to paint a beautiful portrait of him.

“Who will paint my portrait?”, asked the king. But, none of the painters dared to accept the task of painting the king’s portrait.

They couldn’t think of any way they could make the one eye and one legged king  look beautiful. “ How could we include such defects of the king in the painting and make him look beautiful. ”, they all thought. 

A bad painting would make the king angry and none of them wanted to suffer from the wrath of the great king.

But one courageous painter agreed to take the challenge of drawing the king’s portrait.

He drew a beautiful classic picture of the king. It was a fantastic piece of art. Everyone was surprised how beautifully he presented the king in the portrait.

He painted the king aiming for a hunt with an eye closed and a leg bent. Indeed, it was a beautiful portrait and was rewarded.

Learning :

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.

Think big, think positive…


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