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21. Self Efficacy

“People’s level of motivation, affective states and actions, are based on what they believe than on what is objectively the case.”
… Albert Bandura

Self-Efficacy by Kendra C:

Self-efficacy is a person’s belief in their ability to succeed in a particular situation.

It comprises of a person’s attitudes, abilities, and cognitive skills, according to a study by Albert Bandura..

Building Self-Efficacy

• Celebrate Your Success :

               Positive and negative experiences can influence the ability of an individual to perform a given task.

If one has performed well at a task previously, he or she is more likely to feel competent and perform well at a similarly associated task

• Observe Others :

People can develop high or low self-efficacy vicariously through other people’s performances.

A person can watch someone in a similar position perform, and then compare his own competence with the other individual’s competence

• Seek Positive Affirmations :

Self-efficacy is also influenced by encouragement and discouragement pertaining to an individual’s performance or ability to perform

• Pay Attention to Your Thoughts and Emotions :

               Looking for ways to ease your stress levels can help you feel more confident in your capabilities

Learning :

Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself…

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