“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”

… Jim Rohn

Benefits of Self-Discipline by Ray :
• Your Priorities are Lined Up
Clear targets, lined up priorities, better focus, cuts down on confusions and uncertainties, decision making becomes easy and life gets structured.
• You Are at Your Own Command
You are driven by goals and values, not controlled by your whims and moods, able to adopt good habits and ditch bad ones as you please.
•Your Guilt Goes Down
The guilt of not doing the right thing at the right time has a power of weighing a person down significantly. Some burdens, only when they are lifted, make us realize the weight they carried.
• Your Standards Rise
The desire for the long term rewards don’t let you settle for anything less. It makes you unstoppable. Instant gratifications is a meaningless phenomenon now.
• You Feel Fulfilled
Being true to yourself makes you a happy person who knows the real meaning of fulfillment.
• You Overcome a Major Roadblock to Success
You have moved out of your own way of going and getting what you want.
• You Become More Self Reliant
The more you are able to control yourself, the more self-reliant you become. You are more aware of your true potential.
• Your Relationships Improve
Your relationship with yourself is a predictor of your relationship with other people. With good self-control you become more trustworthy.
• You Save Time
Discipline enables you to do things on time, which saves you a lot of trouble. You become a calmer person, with all your chores and projects tackled and completed at the right time.
• You Have Space to Relax
Now that the major things are all taken care of, you actually have free time on your hands. You can actually have fun at having fun
Once you are set out on the road to self-discipline and through patience and perseverance, there are endless advantages in store for you


Motivation gets you going, but discipline keeps you growing…

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