“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

… Stephen Covey

Efficiency with Eisenhower Matrix :

Eisenhower Matrix is a method of prioritizing your tasks on the basis of their urgency.
It helps to determine the activities which are important and the ones which do not deserve your attention at all. The brainchild behind the famous Eisenhower Matrix is Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Coming towards the matrix, the matrix basically categorizes your tasks into 4 quadrants according to what you need to do at a particular time during your day.

These 4 quadrants are:

1. Do

Do, consists of your most important tasks. The activities which need to be done urgently.
The tasks with a deadline approaching or the ones that cannot be delayed generally fall in this category.

2. Decide

Decide, constitutes of the tasks which are important, but not necessarily urgent.
This could include an array of responsibilities ranging from professional emails, follow-ups, to more personal appointments, commitments, which needs to be scheduled for some other time.

3. Delegate

Delegate, this category refers to the tasks which are not important, but urgent.
These activities generally give you the deception of being important, while in reality, they don’t really contribute much towards your productivity and can be rescheduled or assign to someone else.

4. Eliminate

Eliminate, consists of tasks that are essentially your productivity killers which do not contribute at all towards your goals.
Identify these activities and eliminate them to give your productivity a boost.

Use the Eisenhower matrix now and maximize your productivity now


Good things happen when you set your priorities straight…

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