“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

… Alexander Graham Bell

The Six Rules of Personal Success by Panos M:

Of all human abilities, one stands out, the ability to see the Big Picture, the things that are important in life, and not to be distracted by small, trivial, and irrelevant things.

‘The Big Picture’ is about the grand goals; the big dreams and aspirations people treasure in every stage and aspect of life.

But how can you grasp and hold on to the Big Picture? What does it take?

Six rules that have been successfully tested in business and everyday life:

  1. Get your Priorities Right

                Setting priorities right is about making intelligent choices, deciding what goals to pursue in which order, which takes vision and foresight

  1. Use Resources Wisely

                Using resources wisely is also about making intelligent choices. It is about deriving the most value out of limited resources.

  1. Stay Focused

                Staying focused means sticking with your priorities and goals. Take the right steps to reach your goals.

                It takes patience, persistence, and discipline to stay focused.

  1. Develop the Right Relations

                Reaching a certain goal requires moral and psychological stamina.  It takes skills and resources no single individual possesses.

                This means that in pursuing personal success, people need friends and partners to overcome the many obstacles that stand between them and their personal goals.

                Partners provide skills and expertise to complete complex projects that require cooperation among several parties.

  1. Don’t be Greedy

                Greed is the idolization and relentless pursuit of something that lets people distinguish and set themselves apart from others—money, power, status, and so on.

                Greed is an obsession that—like alcohol—numbs people’s senses, blurs their vision, and makes them lose sight of the Big Picture.

  1. Don’t be Complacent

                Complacency is the opposite of greed. It’s the idolization of things people have accomplished, the feeling that they have reached the telos (ultimate destination).

                Successful people cannot afford to be complacent because good times do not last forever, especially in a rapidly changing world.


Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.

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