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86. Master Your Minutes

“If you want to be more productive, you need to become master of your minutes.      

 … Crystal Paine

The Four D’s of Time Management by Omnis:

Time management skills are increasingly important in a world where people rush headlong from one task to another.

Add in the effect of phone, social media and addictive games that can be accessed from anywhere at any time and it’s no wonder that some people struggle to fit everything into their days.

If you’re wondering how to solve this, why not invoke D to the Power of Four?


    The first category requires learning how to filter through your task list.

    For tasks that you still need to accomplish, double check if you still need to complete them. Take them off your to-do list if you don’t.

    Review your existing list before agreeing to take on extra work.


    Delegation is an important function of management.

    Make sure whomever you delegate the task to have the skill, capacity, ability and time to get it done by the deadline.

    You will need to learn the art of delegating work to specific team members based on their efficiency level.

    If not delegated well, then the worst pitfall of delegating is having to do double the work when you realize certain tasks have not been done well.

Defer it

    Prioritize. Know that accomplishing certain tasks can be deferred to a later time.

    No matter how much you have on your plate, it is important to deal with the most urgent ones first.

    Finalizing the biggest tasks first shines a brilliant light on the end of the tunnel. Use this to help you stay focused and motivated throughout the rest of your work.

Do It

    If the job is urgent, it’s better to do it immediately.

    The most successful entrepreneurs know that starting early helps kick start their day into being more productive. They work on their tasks as soon as possible to be able to do more afterwards.

    Be diligent with your work even when you start feeling stuck. It’s easier to polish up work that’s lacking than to force a perfect report in one run.


Having more power over your itinerary is a great stepping stone towards managing your business more efficiently.


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