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“The easiest and most powerful way to increase customer loyalty is really very simple.

Make your customers happy.”

… Kevin Stirtz

Customer Service – a true story by Lina B:

Danny Nolin is a 24-year-old man who, according to his father Gregory, has a very specific taste in clothing.

In fact, Nolin, who has Down syndrome, will only wear one, distinctive shirt: a red and gray striped T-shirt from Walmart.

Unfortunately, the shirt has seen better days and has now started to rip.

So, Gregory took it upon himself to find replacements for the top — but he discovered, to his dismay, that Walmart no longer sells that particular shirt.

Trips to five or six locations yielded no results.

So, Gregory took to Facebook to make his plea public.

He posted a photo of his son in the shirt, along with a brief blurb asking if anyone had seen that exact shirt in any stores.

What he didn’t expect was how much attention that post would get. His nephew tweeted out the same message, which was then retweeted another 60,000 times!

“Overwhelmed. Goosebumps on my arm,” Gregory recalls of the moment he realized how many people were trying to help him and his son.

And among those who saw the tweet was Walmart itself.

Although they stopped selling the shirt two years prior, they dug the style out of the archives, had 10 shirts specially made, and shipped them all to Danny’s home — for free.

As for Danny’s face when he opens the package, it truly says it all. “It’s something that makes him feel good,” the grateful father says.

Customer Satisfaction is the best thing any business can do.

Customer loyalty is earned when you go beyond customer satisfaction.

External customers are the people who buy your goods and services and who make pay day possible.

Internal customers are the people with whom you are with every day – Family, work place colleagues, and friends.


The best feeling of happiness is when you’re happy because you’ve made somebody else happy.

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