Quote :

“There are things known and there are things unknown,

And in between are the doors or perception. ”

  … Aldous Huxley

Relationships and assumptions:

Assumption :  We naturally and regularly use our beliefs as assumptions and make judgments, form interpretations inferences based on those assumptions.

Perception   : The ability to understand someone or something easily using one of your senses.

Expectation : An expectation is a belief about what will happen in the future.

Many times – We cause a lot of damage to ourselves by confusing our assumptions with the truth. Similar damages can happen with Perceptions and Expectations

Almost every relationship, whether at work or home suffers from these three damages!

Because we are often not even aware we are doing this, it takes conscience effort to overcome the tendency.

Suggested ways to overcome these relationship damages:

Invite someone you trust and discuss your tendencies in these three areas with that person. Meet regularly to go over or mend your relationships.

Correct your mistakes by talking to the people you have offended in these ways. Ask for forgiveness and invite them to share their hearts so you can understand them better.


We don’t have to look too far to see the pain that often comes from broken relationships; we’ve all experienced it. 

Rather than hiding or running away, work at it.  It is far less painful to work on these issues than it is to walk away. 

Communicate and express yourself.

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