Quote :

“Whatever You Are, Try To Be a Good One.”

                                … Abraham Lincoln

A Story : Steve G

Viennese-born composer Frederick Loewe, who is remembered for his musical scores that include – My Fair Lady, Gigi and Camelot, was not always famous.

He studied piano with the great masters of Europe and achieved huge success as a musician and composer in his early years.

But when he immigrated to the United States, he failed as a piano virtuoso.

For a while he tried other types of work including prospecting for gold and boxing. But he never gave up his dream and continued to play piano and write music.

During those lean years, he could not always afford to make payments on his piano.

One day, bent over the keyboard, he heard nothing but the music that he played with such rare inspiration.

When he finished and looked up, he was startled to find that he had an audience.

Three moving men who were seated on the floor, noting and made no movement toward the piano.

Instead, they dug into their pockets, pooled together enough money for the payment, placed it on the piano and walked out, empty handed.

Moved by the beauty of his music, these men recognized excellence and responded to it.

When you choose the path of excellence through this life, you will bring to it your best and receive the best it can offer in return.


Do the best you can, with what you can, while you can and opportunities are inevitable !!!

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